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Great News: Designer Beef Delivers!

High-quality beef delivered right to your doorstep. It’s convenient and it’s low cost. 

We’ve discussed the harsh reality which often comes from buying mass-produced meat from American slaughterhouses, as well as the health benefits of buying directly from Designer Beef. 

Now, we come to what is perhaps the most practical benefit of becoming one of our valued customers: delivery service!

And it makes complete sense, right? In a world where online accessibility for your groceries already exists, why not be offered the same from your local butcher? What if you could have your beef delivered straight to your door? 


Our mission

To explain why we designed our delivery system the way we did, here’s a bit of our own personal story.

Having meat stocked and frozen in bulk has always been how we’ve managed our family’s meat. It’s part of why we started Designer Beef – to be able to distribute high-quality meat out into the community. 

However, buying our meat from local co-ops, or picking it up from a butcher shop always came with one, major drawback. The meat would thaw before getting it back to our house.

This was especially prevalent in the summertime, with the constant, Texas heat threatening to thaw the meat before we could get it home, unpacked, and organized in the freezer. Not to mention, this was all accomplished while juggling several kids during the process! 

Additionally, the manual labor which comes from picking up and unpacking the meat isn’t always feasible. Having to carry the heavy boxes of product without dropping it on your feet or toes can be difficult, and boy does it HURT when it happens.

For these specific reasons, we’ve designed our delivery system to maximize your convenience. This includes our wrapped, DB-trailer, which comes with a generator that consistently keeps the freezers running. It’s also how we’re able to keep your meat frozen just the one time before bringing it right to your doorstep!  

Read more about the delivery process below, and discover how you, as a Designer Beef customer, can get your meat delivered for a low cost fee.


For the cut call

On your cut call, you’ll be provided some information about the delivery itself. For example:

This is when you get the opportunity to tell us your preferred cuts, and how you want to have your animal packaged via our thick, top-of-the-line, vacuum-sealed packs. 

If you don’t already know the various cuts of beef offered, don’t worry! We’ll walk you through it. Seriously. That’s what we’re here for.

The first time our family ever got our meat processed in bulk, I was so nervous about calling and telling the butcher what I wanted that it made the experience unpleasant. This is why we want you to feel at ease knowing we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. By the end of the process, you’ll be an expert too! So, please, there’s no need to dread this particular phone call. We promise to take good care of you.

After selecting your preferred cut of meat, you’ll tell us when you want the beef delivered to you. This happens before we harvest the meat itself. 

The reason for this is simple: some customers choose to dry-age their beef, while others don’t. Again, no worries if you aren’t sure what this means. We’ll explain everything to you over the phone.


For the delivery call

This phone call happens two weeks before the actual delivery. Basically, we make sure there’s someone at your residence to sign off on the order, because it is an investment that we care about. 

If you can’t be available to do so, we can plug in your freezer for you, dry-ice your meat in a cooler (only available on ¼ of a purchase), or store the meat back at the ranch. This would mean a second delivery. If none of these work, we can schedule a custom time-slot just for you, meaning we’ll work around your schedule. You tell us when’s best!

Please note: storage fees will apply if you’re not available on the agreed delivery date.

Because we have a vast and growing network of valued clients, we promise to be in your area once a month. There will be two 4-hour time periods available for scheduling. One in the morning, and another in the afternoon. We want you to be present!


What should you do to prepare?

To start, please make room for the meat in your freezer. Most freezers are about 7-8 cubic feet, and ¼ of a standard, Designer Beef purchase will take about 4 cubic feet to store. 

  1. If you’ve purchased about a quarter-cow’s worth of meat, please have about half your freezer space available to store it in.
  2. If you ordered a ½  of a Designer Beef purchase, you’ll receive a complementary freezer so you’re able to more easily store the meat. The dimensions of this freezer are: 36L x 21W x 34H. Please make sure that you’re able to store the freezer itself in your home.
  3. If you ordered a whole Designer Beef purchase, you’ll receive two complimentary freezers to store your meat in. Again, each freezer measures at 36L x 21W x 34H. Please make sure to have space for such accommodations. 

Note: we can’t help you move things from your freezer in order to make room for your purchase, but we can definitely help store the purchase itself. 

Don’t worry about carrying in any of the boxes or freezer appliances. That’s what our Designer Beef team is for! We’ll handle all of the heavy lifting. We’ll also make sure that the entire process is as simple as possible. It’s just our way of showing how we care about our customers!
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