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World Carnivore Month & Carnivore Diet Resources

What is World Carnivore Month? Something that started as a dietary challenge created by advocates of animal-based diets evolved into a celebration of the incredible variety and richness that meat brings to our plates: World Carnivore Month. Whether you’re a seasoned carnivore or just someone looking to explore the benefits of a carnivorous diet, throughout […]

Designer Beef on Texas Today on NBC

“It seems like you have recreated how we can get our beef!” Did you catch the segment on 10/19/23? Thanks for having us NBC Texas Today.

Designer Beef at Texas State Fair Celebrity Chef Showcase

Each year, a select roster of professional chefs from around the state are selected to showcase their culinary expertise by cooking a favorite recipe of their choosing in front of a live audience in the The State Fair of Texas Celebrity Chef Kitchen – This year, on 10/5/23, our very own Chef Myk Walton prepared […]

Africa Village Update

As you have read in our previous BLOG, Designer Beef  supports a remote village in Kenya, Africa. A team from Designer Beef was able to go over there this summer to help work on the maternity ward project that we have been funding. Thanks to our incredible Designer Beef Team and to you our awesome […]

Designer Beef a Beyond Profit Company

  Today I want to show you a little more about Designer Beef. I am going to land in one particular area. That area is Africa and more specifically the area where the “Forgotten People” call home.    When Designer Beef started, we wanted this company to be the best it could be and we […]

Designer Beef Customer Appreciation Event

One of the best things about being part of Designer Beef is being welcomed out to the ranch to see the full operation. We love watching our customers see their animal and all the processes that happen daily here at Designer Beef to take the best care of their animal.   We had so much fun […]

Designer Beef Delivers

Great News: Designer Beef Delivers! High-quality beef delivered right to your doorstep. It’s convenient and it’s low cost.  We’ve discussed the harsh reality which often comes from buying mass-produced meat from American slaughterhouses, as well as the health benefits of buying directly from Designer Beef.  Now, we come to what is perhaps the most practical […]

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