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We, as a company, believe that the profits we make are not intended just for us. We believe they are also for people in need. Therefore, we give a portion of all we make to people suffering in the remote villages of Northern Kenya. Our giving provides food and shoes for children who would otherwise, have none, clean water that staves off disease, sustainable food sources such as green houses and small agri-businesses, and medicines that address intestinal disease and malaria. 

For $20, you can join us in one of our current projects. We are endeavoring to provide treated mosquito nets in villages where children could die of malaria unless protected. The organization, Good Works NOW, facilitates all our projects in these very remote areas of need. Click on the ‘donate’ button below to join our cause. 100% of the funds that come through this giving channel will be dedicated to purchase these needed nets. Together, we can change a part of the world that no one else is helping. 


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