World Carnivore Month & Carnivore Diet Resources

What is World Carnivore Month?

Something that started as a dietary challenge created by advocates of animal-based diets evolved into a celebration of the incredible variety and richness that meat brings to our plates: World Carnivore Month. Whether you’re a seasoned carnivore or just someone looking to explore the benefits of a carnivorous diet, throughout the month of January, carnivores around the globe come together to revel in the joys of meat-eating. Grab a steak, toss some confetti, and here’s to a carnivorous celebration of good vibes and even better bites! 🥩✨ 


5 Ways to Celebrate World Carnivore Month

Savor the Flavors: Treat yourself to a diverse selection of meats from different sources. From succulent steaks to mouthwatering ribs, this is the month to indulge in the finest carnivorous delights. We have over 70 recipes to inspire you!


Share Your Favorites: Connect with fellow carnivores on social media & share your favorite meat-based recipes, cooking tips, and dining experiences. Tag @designyourbeef for a chance to be featured, and use #WorldCarnivoreMonth to join the global conversation.


Support Local Farmers & Producers: Take a moment to appreciate the hard work of farmers, ranchers, and all those involved in bringing high-quality meat to our tables – They play an essential role in our carnivorous journey!


Learn & Explore: Take this opportunity to delve into the science behind a carnivorous diet. Explore the nutritional benefits, discover new cooking techniques, and educate yourself on the positive impact of responsibly sourced meats.


Try the Carnivore Diet! This dietary approach involves consuming animal products exclusively or primarily while eliminating or significantly reducing the intake of plant-based foods.


What is the Carnivore Diet?

It’s not just for lions and tigers! It’s a protein-packed party where plants aren’t invited. An opportunity to relish in ribeye glory and kick veggies to the curb – all in the name of health and happiness. In essence, individuals following the carnivore diet predominantly eat meat, fish, and animal-derived products, such as eggs and dairy, while avoiding or minimizing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and other plant-based foods.


Key principles of the carnivore diet include:


  • Animal Products Only: The diet focuses on animal-based foods, including meat from both land and sea, poultry, eggs, and high-fat dairy products. The emphasis is on consuming nutrient-dense animal products.
  • Elimination of Plant Foods: Unlike many other dietary patterns that promote a balance of macronutrients from both plant and animal sources, the carnivore diet excludes most, if not all, plant foods. This means no fruits, vegetables, grains, or other plant-derived items.
  • Emphasis on Fat and Protein: The majority of calories on the carnivore diet come from fats and proteins. Advocates of the diet often prioritize fatty cuts of meat and believe in the benefits of animal fats for energy and overall well-being.
  • Exclusion of Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates, which are primarily found in plant-based foods, are drastically reduced or eliminated in the carnivore diet. This results in very low carbohydrate intake, potentially leading to a state of ketosis where the body relies on fat for fuel.


Pros & Cons of the Carnivore Diet


  • Meaty Nutrient Bonanza: Picture this – your plate loaded with top-notch nutrients. Meat brings the A-team – protein, vitamins (B12, A, D), and minerals (iron and zinc) – all singing in harmony for your well-being.
  • No-Fuss Feasting: Tired of decoding food labels and complex recipes? The Carnivore Diet keeps it simple. Meat, meet mouth – no fuss, no muss. Perfect for those who want to keep their meal prep as easy as Sunday morning.
  • Farewell, Carbs! Some folks rave about shedding pounds and transforming their bodies on the Carnivore Diet. With fewer carbs, insulin levels take a chill pill, and fat burning gets a green light. Who knew carnivorous bliss could be a diet strategy?


  • Balancing Act: Sure, meat is nutrient-rich, but can it carry the nutritional weight of a well-balanced diet sans veggies? Critics worry about potential vitamin and mineral gaps.
  • Tummy Troubles: Going all in on meat might lead to some bathroom blues for a few brave souls. Digestive changes are part of the adjustment, so be prepared for a bit of an adventure.
  • The Long Game: As the scientific jury is still out on the Carnivore Diet, we’re navigating uncharted territory. Questions linger about long-term effects, cardiovascular health, and the magical world inside our guts.

Carnivore Community Resources

Not sure where to start? Here are resources to follow, listen to or read as you explore!


Top Social Accounts for Carnivores

  • Dr. Shawn Baker (Instagram | TikTok) author of The Carnivore Diet
  • Dr. Anthony Chaffee (Instagram) host of Plant Free MD podcast
  • Dr. Judy Cho (Instagram) 2x carnivore author
  • Dr. Robert Kiltz (Instagram) host of Carnivore Conversations podcast
  • Dr. Ken Berry (Instagram) weekly YouTube videos (start here)
  • Dr. Lisa Wiedeman (Instagram) carnivore coach & creative chef
  • Dr. Paul Saladino (Instagram) author of The Carnivore Code Cookbook
  • Carnivore Lifestyle (TikTok) compilation of carnivore creators
  • Bella (Instagram | TikTok) aka Steak & Butter Gal, a vegan turned carnivore
  • Courtney Luna (Instagram | TikTok) creative & sustainable carnivore meals
  • Kelly Hogan (Instagram) down 125 pounds on carnivore diet
  • Laura Spath (Instagram) down 120 pounds on carnivore diet
  • Brian Sanders (Instagram) host of Peak Human podcast
  • Joanna Ozug (Instagram) host of The Road to Carnivore podcast
  • Amber Wentworth (Instagram) carb addiction specialist
  • Dr. Elizabeth Bright (Instagram) specialize in thyroid & adrenal function
  • Austin Cavelli (Instagram) dietary consultant
  • Mikhaila Fuller (Instagram) The Lion Diet
  • Rebekah Heishman (Instagram) expecting carnivore keto
  • Zac Solt (Instagram) & Sabrina Solt (Instagram) carnivore couple
  • Robert Sikes (Instagram) & Crystal Sikes (Instagram) keto couple
  • Stephanie Annabel (Instagram) animal-based eating
  • Diana Rodgers, RD (Instagram) advocate for equitable food systems
  • Butter Fueled (Instagram) animal-based nutrition
  • Beppe Romeo (Instagram) steak specialist
  • Michelle Rowell (Instagram) wife, mom & CrossFit carnivore
  • Raymond Nazon (Instagram) 6-year carnivore coach

Top Podcasts for Carnivores

Best Books for Carnivores 

Free Resources for Carnivores 

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