Easy and Delicious Ways to Grill Your Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef can be tricky to cook. To help you cook your perfect steak, we’ve got a few recipes and methods for you to try.

Cooking grass-fed beef can be tricky. Because of their diet, grass-fed cows have a different taste and texture. The common distinction is that grass-fed beef is leaner than grain-fed only or a combination of grass and grain-fed meat. With less fat on the meat, grass-fed beef has lower moisture, so less cooking time is required. So how do you grill the perfect grass-fed beef? Read on to find out.


Start with the right ingredients 

What will help you get the perfect steak is getting the right ingredients. The first step is to start with a premium piece of meat or your dish will be underwhelming no matter how you cook or season your steak. The best place to check is your local ranch. If you’re in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, you’re in luck because Designer Beef is a family-owned local ranch near you. 


Tips on cooking grass-fed beef

Before you cook your steak, we have a few tips on how to best grill grass-fed beef. Here are a few tips on how to cook it: 

  1. Add more oil than usual. Grass-fed beef is less fatty, so to prevent it from drying and sticking too much to the pan (if not using a grill), add more virgin olive oil or butter. 
  2. Grass-fed beef’s texture is tougher, so use a meat tenderizer to loosen up the connective tissues in the meat. This will make the meat softer and easier to chew. Be careful not to tenderize it too much unless the recipe calls for it. 
  3. Grass-fed beef cooks faster, about 30% faster, so keep a food thermometer handy to check if you’re new to cooking grass-fed beef. 
  4. Never use a fork to turn your beef. Use tongs instead to keep the juices in. 
  5. Let meat rest in a warm area for about 10 minutes after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute. 


Let’s start grilling 

Now, that you have our expert tips, it’s time to start grilling! Today, we’re going to go through how to cook steak on the grill. The following recipe is adapted from Farmer and the Grill: A Guide to Grilling, Barbecuing and Spit-Roasting Grass Fed Meat…and for saving the planet, one bite at a time, by Shannon Hayes


Note: The amount of seasoning you will use will vary based on the size of your steak. If it is close to one pound, use less. If it is closer to 2 pounds, use more.

1-2 tablespoons coarse salt
1-2 teaspoons ground black pepper
1-2 cloves garlic, minced

Either 1 sirloin, sirloin tip, tri-tip, top round or London Broil, rib eye, porterhouse, t-bone, top loin (NY Strip) or tenderloin (filet mignon) steak.


  1. Combine the salt, pepper and garlic in a small bowl. Rub the mixture into both sides of the steak, then allow the meat to come to room temperature while you prepare the grill.
  2. Start the grill and warm it until it is hot. If you are using a gas grill, turn off all but one of the burners once it has come up to temperature. If you are using charcoal, be sure all the coals have been raked to one side. Use the hand test: the grate will be hot enough when you can hold your palm 3-4 inches above the metal for no more than three seconds.
  3. Sear the steaks for 2+ minutes on each side directly over the flame, with the lid down. Then, move the steaks to the part of grill that is not lit. Set the lid in place and allow the steaks to cook, without flipping them, until they reach 120-135 degrees**, about 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the steak. This will vary depending on how you want your steak cooked and thickness of steak. Remove the steaks to a platter and allow them to rest a few minutes before serving.

For more ways to cook your grass-fed beef, check out these 17 grass-fed beef recipes that are easy and delicious.  

Happy cooking! 

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