All About Dry-Aged Beef


The dry-aged beef difference

Dry aging gives you the best flavor and tenderness from your beef. We dry age our beef from 40 to 50 days to allow enough time for the enzymes to break down the connective tissue in the muscles. This process creates a very flavorful and tender steak.

A good dry aged filet can often be cut with a fork instead of a knife!


How does dry aging work? 

Dry-aged steak is stored in a temperature-controlled environment. During this time, moisture is drawn out from the meat. As the meat loses water, its flavor becomes concentrated to give it a more beef-forward finish. The time in the aging room also breaks down collagen (the stuff that makes beef tough and chewy). 

What also helps create a richer piece of steak is the crust that forms around the beef, similar to cheese, that gets cut off before it gets into your hands. This helps seal in the flavor and give it a more tender texture so that the steak isn’t as chewy as a regular steak--it practically melts in your mouth!


What else should I know about dry aging?  

Flavor varies from different breeds, feed programs, and lifestyles. However, no matter what you choose, aging beef for this amount of time creates an incredibly tender steak with a strong beef bullion and a slight blue cheese flavor.

Dry aging also changes the texture of meat. Muscle cells are made up of mostly molecules and proteins. Dry aging encourages the enzymes to break down these molecules into smaller, more flavorful fragments. As the enzymes transform the molecules of the meat, the internal structure breaks down, making it easier for you to sink your teeth into the beef. 


Yes, hamburgers can also be dry aged!

If you love burgers, you’re going to fall head over heels in love with dry-aged hamburgers. 

Dry-aged hamburger is some of the most tender and flavorful meat you can get, yet it’s rarely offered by butchers or commercial meat processing plants. 

Dry-aged hamburgers are extremely difficult to produce, but we love going above and beyond for our customers. We dry age all of our hamburgers and our steaks to give you the most exclusive and high-quality experience. 


Dry-Aged Beef is Worth the Splurge 

If you want a unique, top-notch tasting experience, choose the dry aged route! The quality is unlike anything you’ve eateneven at a high-end restaurant. Once our customers try dry-aged beef, they’ve never stopped. 


Once you experience the quality of dry-aged beef,
you can never go back. Try it for yourself! 


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