No added growth hormone or steroids–only good, natural nutrients. We work with an expert nutritionist to ensure our custom feed meets each cow’s needs. Each ration is packed with natural ingredients so that cows can maintain a healthy weight the right way.

Three Different Feed Types

You can choose from one of the three feed types below to give to your cow.



This custom feed is made with nutrients and mostly grass. This feed helps the cow grow and stay healthy, all while providing health benefits to the meat you eat.



This feed is made of mostly grain, with added roughage to ensure optimal health for the cows. 



This feed is the best of a grain and grass diet. The optimal nutrients provided in this feed greatly increase the health benefits to the cow. 

Ingredients In Our Feed

When producing quality cow meat, we don’t believe in putting fillers and just any nutrients. Our expert animal nutritionist puts together feed that’s specific to the cow’s need to ensure your meat is healthy, full of nutrients, and delicious. Here’s a breakdown of what can be added to a cow’s feed.


Dried Distiller Grain is a grain where the starch is pressed out, resulting in a high protein ingredient that’s healthy for cows.

    • Provides a high protein content in the ration.
    • About 25 to 35 percent crude protein.
    • With the starch removed from the corn, it is less likely to upset the cow’s digestion and cause negative side effects. DDG is more easily digestible. 
    • A natural source of the mineral phosphorus which is needed to maintain optimal health. 
    • Provides more energy to the cow than regular, whole corn does.


This is a starch that provides energy. It’s the necessary ingredient in a cow’s diet to promote health and healthy meat.

    • Helps with marbling in the meat for flavor and tenderness. 
    • Helps the animal with weight gain and maintaining their health. 
    • Cracked corn makes it easier for the cow to digest which leads to better nutrient absorption. 


Whole cottonseed contains high protein, fat and fiber to increase Omega-3 content in meat.


Alpalfa is a high protein hay that’s a great natural source of Vitamin E

    • The component of vitamin E is important to fight off sickness in cattle. This option is also available in our vitamin and mineral package.
    • Higher roughage content with a sweet palatable flavor. It’s the probiotic for the cow’s gut! 


Bermuda Hay is an excellent roughage source used for ration balance.

    • Keeps the cattles’ gut health in good balance. Think of it as a probiotic for a cow's gut.

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