What Does Designer Beef Mean?

As you’ve noticed, the name of our company is Designer Beef. We’re going to explain why we’ve chosen this name, as well as describe what the process of designing your beef looks like. 

When purchasing meat, the majority of us go to the local butcher shop or grocery store, right? On occasion, maybe you frequent your town’s farmer’s market, or perhaps you buy the meat straight from a rancher. Yet, one thing we noticed on our end is how the retailer — whether it was a ranch, grocery store, or butcher shop — never once asked us our preference for how we would’ve liked the animals to be raised! 


Our feed rations 

Additionally, these establishments didn’t ask us to pick out what breed of animal we would’ve liked, nor did they ask what feed ration we would’ve preferred that animal to be on. This is what helped us begin Designer Beef, and why Designer Beef is our namesake at all.

We think it’s extremely important (and quite honestly, personal) for you to let us know what kind of feed you would like to have your steer raised on. This is why our nutritionist has designed three specific tiers of feed for you to choose from: 

Designer Beef’s Grass Based Ration

Designer Beef’s Grass and Grain Based Ration, and 

Designer Beef’s Grain Based Ration. 

When buying meat to feed your family, you deserve to know every ingredient that is going into your animal. We have all our rations listed on the website here, which tells you the ingredients in each ration. 

It’s also important to note that added to these rations are our Omega-3 Supplements, as well as a custom vitamin and mineral blend designed to keep our animals healthy. We prioritize cultivating a high level of quality in our meat, and in order to do that, we make sure that our animals’ diets have more Omega-3’s in it than anything else you’ll see on the market. 


Choosing the breed

As stated above, we wanted you to start by choosing which breed of cow you’d like. There are many different breeds of cattle out there… over 800, in fact! Therefore, we’ve selected three of the most prized breeds, knowing that each of these possess different characteristics we thought would matter to you as our valued customer. 

To begin, the breeds we offer fall under the Angus, Limousin, and Charolais categories. If you’ve come across our website before, you’ve most likely heard of the Angus breed. This is because Angus, in the beef industry, is known for its incredible marbling. 

On the other hand, Charolais meat may be less common to you. This breed consists of white cows, and are known to produce a high-carcass weight. This means more meat, but they also tend to have less marbling than the Angus. 

Limousin is probably the most obscure of the three. These cows are wheat-colored with a tinge of red in their coats. To see all of this for yourself, you can head to our website and sort through which of these breeds best fits your family’s needs. 


Why our animals are always healthy

Let’s now talk about the lifestyle aspect of designing your beef. Here at the ranch, we already know that stress on the animals affects the quality of the end product. Our facility helps keep the cattle stress-free and allows them to live out full, happy lives without having to get shipped from their primary sale, to the feed yard, back to the sale, and then to the slaughter house. 

We buy our steers young, either from our local sale or from local ranchers. We subsequently transport them to our ranch, and that is where they stay! 

Our animals always have plenty of room to graze, in addition to shade (to rest in), clean, filtered water to drink, and an unlimited buffet to eat from whenever they choose. We do not crowd our pens with cattle, so rest assured, there’s never any need to fight over food. Each cow has plenty of space to eat. Here at Designer Beef, we like to say that your cow lives the Wagyu lifestyle. 


Choosing to dry-age

Another crucial part of designing your beef is the processing of your steer. We’ve set up the largest dry-aging facility in Texas, and quite possibly all of North America! This way, if you choose, you can have whole the whole animal — and not just the primal cuts — dry-aged as well. You get to pick the amount of time we dry-age your meat. Depending on the flavors you desire, we can do 30, 45, or even up to 60 days of dry-aging! 


The delivery date!

The last thing you’ll need to choose is the delivery date. The good news is that we’ll bring it straight to your home! You don’t have to worry about transporting it from the farmer’s market, or leaving it out in the hot, Texas sun–we bring it right to you. 

Please note it is only frozen once, so the meat is always fresh and ready for you to have on hand. It is perfectly designed by you — for you and your family’s needs. 

That is the Designer Beef difference, and how you’re able to choose what you’d like here in Detroit, Texas.

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