The price per lb beats grocery store prices and provides better quality beef than any restaurant. The pricing can be as low as $8.65 per lb. 

It takes about 6 months to grow your cow. We do recommend dry aging which is an extra 2 months, but it is well worth the time. We do not use added growth hormones or steroids so our process does take a bit longer than feedlots. At Designer Beef, we feed quality ingredients to allow a healthy growth timeframe.

Absolutely. We host customer appreciation events a couple times a year. During these events we give tours where you will be able to see your cow, the ranch, and the processing and aging facility.

We send out monthly updates via email with stats on how your cow is developing. These stats include its current weight, feed, a photo if preferred, etc.

Yes. All purchases (whether it be a quarter, half, or full cow) allow for monthly payment plans. Please ask our sales team about these options when on your initial call with them.

The Designer Beef ranch is located in Detroit, TX. It stretches 100 acres and includes the largest dry-aging facility in Texas, multiple barns, and a covered commodity storage area.

We currently deliver to customers in the DFW metroplex area.

Beef only needs to be USDA certified when it is sold in grocery stores. Our ranch has a custom-exempt license. Since we custom raise and harvest cows on our ranch, we do not fall under USDA requirements. Technically, our ranch does not require a custom-exempt license either, but we went the extra mile to attain the license to show our customers how much we care and that we take the quality of our beef seriously. In fact, our ranch was rated so highly on its first inspection (a perfect score), that photos were taken of our facilities to be provided as training materials for future inspectors.

Our beef cannot be labeled as organic because costly inspection and licensure is required to allow for that labeling. In order to keep our costs low for our customers, we do not currently have plans to attain this labeling. However, we are organically-minded.

You can view our advanced custom feed program here.

They live a no-stress lifestyle at our ranch. There are many amenities to keep them comfortable and healthy. They have fresh, chemical-free water to drink all day long and the most nutritious food ration that is custom mixed for them every morning. There's plenty of shade and even fans and misters in the barns. They have plenty of grass to graze on as well.

At Designer Beef, you have full control of what breed of cow you order and what they are fed. You can also choose to have your meat dry-aged in our dry-aging facility. The processing of your cow is also done on-site, humanely, with extreme care in a sanitary environment. Additionally, all your meat will be from the same animal, which cannot be said of meat found on the grocery store shelves. 

Dry-aging is a process that allows enzymes to break down the molecules of your meat. This process results in a healthy, tender, and full-flavor product. You can read more about this in our blog post: Are Dry-Aged Steaks Better?

Designer Beef sources steers from local ranches that we have developed relationships with.

Though we are aware that a cow is not harvested for customers, it is the term most associated with beef by the general public. We raise quality steers for quality beef. Just know when you see the term "cow" used on our site and social media, that we are using general terminology for the public.

We’ve created this graphic to help you decide what size cow your family will need to last them an entire year.

Live weight refers to the full weight of a live animal, including the head, hooves, hide, etc. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after it has been harvested, as it hangs in the locker to dry-age. This hanging weight therefore does not include the customary inedible or undesirable parts of the animal, which have been removed for packaging and consumption.

For cuts customarily bone-in, our customers will receive bone-in.

For a limited time, anyone who orders a half or full cow receives a free deep freezer.

You can view and download our Designer Beef Cut Sheet here


Create your diamond in the field, today, with Designer Beef.

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*Hanging weight

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