The Real Life Of An American Rancher

Here at Designer Beef, we honor those who serve our country. We admire the men and women who help keep us free and safe, and we respect those who provide for our needs, both domestically and in the international communities.


An introduction to the agricultural community

In America, the agricultural community is only made up of 3% of our population. Of that same population, nearly 20% are in the beginning of their careers as farmers or ranchers. Although this association of people is rather small, they’re still responsible for feeding, clothing, and providing various materials all throughout the United States.

A new generation is rising up in the shadows of those who came before them, and they, too, are entering the agricultural industry. This is beyond encouraging to see, because we should want more farmers and ranchers for our great nation. We need more for our nation. They are absolutely vital to our everyday life!


Farmers and Ranchers work hard year ‘round!

However, there are those today who push against the men and women in this industry. We believe that this is mainly because of generalized and perseverated misunderstandings on what it takes to work in the agricultural field of business.

For example, farmers and ranchers tend to their cattle and produce every single day of the year to make sure everything is taken care of. No matter the weather, climate, or season, these workers are out, providing fresh water and feed so that their animals can thrive on well-kept grounds. Every part of the job demands time and effort in extremely specific ways. Work in agriculture is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle.

To the American farmer or rancher, it’s a commitment for the rest of their family as well. There’s no such thing as dropping the ranch off at doggy-daycare just so you can go on vacation. Their farm or ranch is their life, and they love that! This same joy for agriculture is what makes them passionate about their work day after day. Paul Harvey explained this best in his 2013 Superbowl-ad put out by Dodge. 

“And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said: I need a caretaker.”

“So, God made a farmer.”


Farmers and Ranchers are dedicated

As you can see, the animals and produce which American farmers and ranchers cultivate means the absolute world to them. This is evident in every facet of their work. When the heifer dies giving birth to their firstborn calf, or perhaps the calf dies because it wasn’t quite developed enough to fight for its life, the ranchers mourn this loss.

It’s detrimental to their livelihood, yes, but it’s also heart breaking in the most personal way possible. Ranchers care so much about their livestock, because tending to these creatures is their way of contributing to their communities.

We’ve seen this first-hand at Designer Beef during an exchange with our local rancher, who was gutted when one of his heifers was experiencing an unexpected birthing complication. There was no way for the vet to get to the ranch in time to save it.

When we got there, the rancher couldn’t even speak to us because he was so devastated seeing this cow that he’d raised from infancy abruptly leaving this world. Realities like these are heartbreaks that each farmer has to come to terms with, but each and every loss shows the soul of the farmer and ranchers which make up the American agricultural workforce.  


Farmers and Ranchers also aid in natural disasters

There are so many wonderful people like this — people that are willing to drop everything and help their neighbors. When natural disasters hit, it is often the farmers and ranchers in the community stepping in to aid those in desperate need. Many times, after wildfires had come through and destroyed crops and livestock, ranchers have historically given their hay to these ravaged communities. Farmers have lost profit feeding their produce to communities during emergencies.

Similarly, during floods, ranchers have also helped load and transport animals from neighboring ranches, if only because these ranches were hours away from emergency services. While there are groups and organizations who rally against these hard-working people, when these natural disasters hit, one would think and hope that those rallied groups would be the first to rescue the animals being directly affected and yet…they never show up! 

During natural disasters, it is our dedicated ranchers and farmers who support each other before any other organizations come into play. Ranchers and farmers by nature understand the necessity of community, and it is in these disasters when this truth shows most brightly.

So, the next time you see someone in the agricultural industry, we sincerely hope that you can take a minute to thank them for what they are doing. At Designer Beef, we are so thankful for the many amazing men and women who are devoted to their herds of cattle, and to those who believe in raising a well-loved and healthy animal through honest means.
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