There’s a Beef Shortage Happening. Here’s Where You Can Still Get Quality Steaks.

Is there a beef shortage right now?

If you’re in the habit of getting your groceries in-store, you might have noticed a few of your favorite items being out of stock intermittently or for more than a few weeks at a time. 

Whether it’s a chain restaurant no longer advertising what was once your favorite steak entree or the grocery store prompting a change-up in routine dinners generally prepared at home, if you’ve experienced this lack of beef, you’re not alone.

First, it’s important to note that the U.S. Department of Agriculture denies any national meat and animal product shortages. They’ve assured constituents of their continued watch on how commercially available these things remain to the public.

However, this is not to say that the shortages people are seeing all around them aren’t valid. A growing number of people are encountering various shortages which affect them in ways that are close to home, and that’s real!


Why there’s a beef shortage

There are several reasons why you may have seen a lack of beef in your residential area.

One variable is a labor shortage. Schisms between employees and employer-required vaccinations leaves many businesses (trucking, factory, packing, warehouse) with less manpower than before. Sickness and quarantine restrictions also create an intermittent lack of available labor. These issues combined can ultimately leave popular grocery stores seemingly less stocked.

Furthermore, a beef shortage can result when a surge of purchasing takes place by the public. When people believe there to be anticipated shortages, some may panic-buy and stock up, leaving fewer options for the next person to choose from.

The other prevalent cause for beef and steak shortages are businesses that fall victim to cyber-hacking, such as JBS USA, a massive beef processing company. Cyber-attacks like these can result in the closing of several plants and offices most directly affected by hackings.

Shortages, regardless of the reason, cause the price of beef to skyrocket at unprecedented rates, but it also severely limits the quantity of beef even being sold at grocery chain stores frequented by neighborhoods, which are used to a constant influx of food.


Solution: Buy beef from local ranchers

An easy, quick way to remedy this lack of abundant beef is by purchasing meat from your local rancher. 

This is ideal for consumers who desire quality, healthy steak and beef that is also more ethically sourced than industries that do not give their cattle proper housing or quality of life. 

Beef bought from local ranches also safeguards customers from facing future beef shortages and price increases, as beef can be bought in bulk and frozen. 


Why Designer Beef is the best option

For households in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, Designer Beef is as good as it gets. All animals are treated like VIPs and are given large pastures with ample area to graze and roam.

The feed given to the cattle is nutritious. Additionally, the barns which house the cows include fans and protection from weather, helping to keep the cows cool in the heat and sheltered from freezing rain or snow.. All of these things ensure the cows have extremely low levels of stress, which improves overall steak quality!

Consumers online will notice a variety of customizations to choose between, from the type of cow desired to the type of feed given to the cows. 

Designer Beef’s website makes purchasing incredibly smooth,and ensures families purchasing bulk beef from us won’t go without beef anytime soon.
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