How to Make Better Burgers at Home

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We all know that meat is the most important part of a great burger. While most people turn to the grocery stores to buy their ground beef, this isn’t the best meat to buy. With people becoming more conscious of what they eat, they’re turning to smaller ranchers (with higher quality control) to buy steaks and other meat products online. 

The alarming fact is, a package of ground beef doesn’t come from one cow. Studies have shown that one package of ground beef can be made up of hundreds of different cows. This meat is also repeatedly frozen and defrosted and chemically processed. Packaged meat also lacks the necessary nutrients and delicious taste needed for the best burger. 

There are better ground beef options out there. Designer Beef’s dry-aged hamburger meat can elevate your homemade burger experience. The reliable, organically-minded Texas ranch allows consumers in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas to buy quality steak and meat online.


Step 1: Pick the right meat 

Since the meat is the hero of the hamburger, it only makes sense that the first, and most important step to a great hamburger is choosing the right meat. Not all meat is made equal. With the meatier and juicier dry-aged ground beef from Designer Beef, you can be assured of a rich, flavorful taste.


Step 2: Make your burger patties 

Divide the meat into equal parts and shape them into balls. Flatten the balls into patties that are 4” round about ½”-1” thick. Beef tends to plump up and shrink as they’re cooking, so a pro tip would be to use your thumb to make a slight indentation in the middle of the burger to keep the patty more uniform. Also, try not to handle and press the meat too much. It will help retain the shape and flavor of the meat.


Step 3:  Add seasoning to beef 

There is an art to adding seasoning to the beef. For well-seasoned dry-aged ground beef, add salt and pepper and any other spices you might prefer to the outside of your patties.  To keep this recipe as healthy and organically minded as possible, add non-GMO and non-MSG spices. It’s important to remember not to go overboard with the seasonings as it may cause the patty to weaken and eventually fall apart while grilling.


Step 4: Grill to perfection 

The surface of the grill should be cleaned before you start. Slice open an onion and use it to clean the grill. The natural oils from the onion not only form a protective layer on the metal but provide additional flavor to the meat. 

Once you preheat your charcoal or gas grill to medium-high heat, gently place the patties on the grill. Cook each side for about 3-5 minutes. Also, avoid pressing on the meat as this may force flavor out of them. Once the burgers are ready, allow them to rest for a few minutes on a serving platter or plate before putting it on the bun.


Step 5: Choose bun and toppings 

From plain buns to brioche buns, there are shelves of buns that you can choose from. Brioche buns, however, are a common choice for many and have been a favorite for being flavorful and durable. 

Place the buns on the grill for a slight toast with the split side down. Include other toppings such as crisp lettuce, spicy barbecue sauce, and whatever else you’re feeling like that day. Try grilling some sliced onions to elevate the savoriness of your hamburger. 

Keep in mind, if you add moist ingredients as a burger topping, such as tomatoes, you can use condiments like mayonnaise as a barrier to prevent your buns from getting soggy. Most professional chefs call this a “moisture barrier”. 

Other Pro-tips 

Season your beef patties right before grilling 

Adding salt to your beef too soon will draw moisture out of your patty. This can make your juicy, flavorful dry-aged burger dry. Make sure you add your seasoning to the outside of the patties right before you grill them.

Make a Juicy Lucy 

It’s typical to add cheese on top of your patty, but if you want to elevate your burgers, try making a Juicy Lucy by adding cheese in the middle of your patty. You may need to make a slightly thicker patty to accommodate the cheese. 

Use ice-cubes on patties.

By using ice cubes on your patties, you will not only lock in moisture but also keep the meat from overcooking.

Spice things up

For those who can take a little spice, you can take it a step further by adding chili, cumin or other preferred spices to your beef.
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