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  Today I want to show you a little more about Designer Beef. I am going to land in one particular area. That area is Africa and more specifically the area where the “Forgotten People” call home.


 When Designer Beef started, we wanted this company to be the best it could be and we wanted it to change the lives of our customers with how they provide their families with the best quality beef. But beyond that, we knew we were called to change lives around the world. The Designer Beef team was led to a village all the way around the world in the continent of Africa. This village was known as “The Forgotten People”. You see, this group has never had any help from their government or from any other organization before. They live in an area of Kenya that is very difficult to get into. Designer Beef was blessed to be led to this village and shown many of its needs. 


We work with an organization called “Good Works Now”. They have assisted many other beyond profit companies in adopting villages across Africa. Working with Designer Beef has really changed my perspective of business and the massive tool that business can be to our communities and to the world around us. At Designer Beef, each of our departments work together to hit our department’s goals. Once those goals are hit we then are able to complete various projects, that are predetermined needs, our village has. The needs can range in the villages from mosquito nets to wells and bathrooms to a kitchen with a shelter. Currently we have been blessed to complete so many projects from our list as well as take several trips over to Africa to help out the village and to let them know that God Sees them and He’s the One who brought us to them. 


We have seen God provide in so many ways as well. Designer Beef had set out to drill a well and were in communication with the local government. Although the missionaries in this particular area of Kenya had never seen the government work or help out this particular village ever, once the government had heard that we were going to drill the well for them they stepped in and decided to drill it themselves! It was incredible to watch play out and even more incredible now that there is drinkable, accessible water for this village. Now they can focus on work in their village and don’t have to be consumed with finding fresh water every day. Another blessing from this event was that now we had all the funds for drilling a well ready to go into a list of projects! God is good! 

We had some of our team recently go over to help out in the village and to visit them. When they came back we got to get together to hear how things were going in our village of Chemoinoi. They told us that there has been such a shift in the village. There is HOPE! They now are hosting sporting events for the villages around them since their soccer fields have been put in! There are several women that are able to contribute to their families because of different resources they have been provided with like chickens, honey bees, and goats. Parents are seeing huge changes in their kids because they have activities outside to do like net ball and soccer. They are able to focus better at school because of the ability to play outside! 


Do I say this all to brag about what Designer Beef is doing? NO! I know none of this impact happens without YOU our customers trusting us to raise you the best quality beef. The mosquito nets that is such a simple thing but yet saves thousands of lives! The soccer fields being able to host sporting events for the village does not happen unless we have YOU! Personally I have seen how these huge needs can be provided when we come together and work for a greater purpose. These needs then can be accomplished and hope can be brought back into communities where it was long gone! In fact the last time we were over in Africa a 80 year old man hiked for countless hours to come to shake the hand of a man who would care so much for their community to help them out. Our team member got to shake his hand and let him know it wasn’t us who saw but God who saw their needs and He’s the one who provides for them. Just incredible!


This summer another team from Designer Beef is heading over to Africa to help with an incredible addition to Chemoinoi Village. We are currently building a maternity ward for the village! This simple building will provide a safe place for women to give birth and I personally can not wait to see the difference it makes. I am fortunate enough to be able to head over and see all the work that has been done and to be in the community where Designer Beef got to bring HOPE to! I know it’s going to be such a life changing experience for my husband and I and we can not wait to be a part of it! 


I hope to be able to share more the closer we get to that trip. I will be keeping you all updated after the trip too so you can see into what makes Designer Beef different! As they say over in Chemoinoi “God Bless You and Thank You Designer Beef!”
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