Bone Marrow Spread

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The next recipe we wanted to share with you today is how to cook your beef bones from your Designer Beef. The Bone Marrow makes a delicious spread to use on fresh artisan or our favorite, fresh sourdough.


Here is the recipe: 


Bone Marrow 

(again Mike’s recipe)


  1. Take Bones out of the package and place on a greased cooking sheet or cooking stone.
  2. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and parsley on top of the bones.
  3. Roast bones in the oven at 450 degrees F until the outside of the bones becomes golden. 
  4. The texture of the inside of the bone, the bone marrow, will be like butter. 
  5. Take the bones out of the oven and scoop out the bone marrow and put it in a small bowl to mix. 
  6. Add salt and garlic powder to the bone marrow and combine to create a tasty spread.
  7. Spread it over your bread of choice. We love to spread it on freshly baked sour dough!


Here are a couple other recipes for you to try as well. 


Roasted Bone Marrow 


Roasted Marrow Bones 


There are so many health benefits for you when you eat bone marrow. Bone Marrow contains collagen which can help support your joints as well as leave you with amazing skin. There is also glucosamine found in the marrow of bones that can relieve joint pain and help with osteoarthritis. Along with these supportive qualities many vitamins that our bodies crave are found in the bone marrow.  What a delicious way to get our body the minerals and vitamins it needs. 


We would love to see your Bone Marrow Pictures. Send them our way at 


Happy Cooking!
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