Why it’s Actually Good to Eat Dry-Aged Meat

In a world of funky diets and numerous lifestyles, many people are now leaning towards the “carnivore diet” in order to eliminate inflammation in their bodies. With less inflammation, the body is able to heal itself more easily. Sounds pretty good, right?


But, what do you eat for a healthier diet, does that includes meat? And how exactly is it healthy for you? We’re going to talk about one of the best things about being an omnivore–besides the fact that the food options are endless! One of the things we can truly enjoy is the ability to eat dry-aged steak that’s actually good for us! Read on to find out how BEEF can be incredibly nutritious.


Dry-aged beef is rich in nutrients


Dry-aged beef consists of countless minerals and vitamins that our bodies crave. Since each of these minerals correlate to specific functions within our bodies, it’s not always guaranteed that they can be found in any other non-meat source.


We personally believe our dry-aged beef tastes superior due to a chronic, on-going mineral deficiency that each of us statistically experience. Quite literally, it is our bodies telling our brains to eat more of this particular food source so it can replenish the necessary vitamins it needs in order to properly function.


Dry-aged beef has more protein than regular steak


Beef is relatively low in calories and high in protein. For example, the average steak contains more than 60 grams of protein, as well as additional vitamins and minerals our bodies desperately need. This beef is relatively low in calories and high in protein than we need at any one time, but our body breaks down beef more slowly than other foods, so it’ll absorb the protein in a more proportional amount of time.


Dry-aged steak, however, is a more condensed version of steak due to the 20-30% shrinkage which comprises its famous texture. It can be compared to eating 1.5 steaks in a single meal. With every bite comes even more nutrients than you’d normally get! It’s a similar phenomenon to that of beef jerky, but dry-aged beef is far more tender and flavorful than it’s convenient counterpart.


Other important nutrients found in beef!


Here is a list of nutrients found in beef and their various roles in the body:


  1.           Iron — helps the body use the oxygen that we breathe
  2.           Choline — gives support to our brain functions as well as our nervous system
  3.           Vitamins B6 & B12  — gives us energy and increases the rate of our brain processes.
  4.           Phosphorus — builds up and reinforces the bones and teeth in the body
  5.           Zinc — helps keep the immune system healthy and functioning optimally
  6.           Riboflavin — converts the food we eat into energy and fuel for our bodies to use
  7.           Selenium — protects the body’s cells from being badly damaged


Last thoughts on dry-aged meat


The reality is, dry-aged beef is one of the best sources of natural protein around! You, as our valued customer, deserve the most natural, delicious experience when seeking to nourish your body.


So, instead of relying on man-made proteins and products that are designed in a lab (which are filled with so many, artificial hormones) just stick with the tried and true source of protein–beef!









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