Steak With Chlorine? No, Thank You!

Does it matter that your cow at Designer Beef drinks clean, filtered, chemical-free water? Read on to find out.

Chances are, when you order steak, you don’t ask for it with a side of chlorine. That’s exactly what you might be getting if the beef you’re eating comes from a beef ranch that doesn’t give their cows filtered water. 

If you’re getting beef from Designer Beef, however, you know you’re getting product from cows that are drinking filtered, chemical-free water all day long. Our cows have access to this fresh water all day and consume about 1 to 2 gallons per 100 pounds of weight. That converts to a 1000 pound animal drinking about 10 to 20 Gallons of water a day! 

Here’s how drinking and non-drinking water works. 

Water is recycled over and over again. There is no city or water association in existence that just creates new, fresh water. When you flush a toilet, take a shower, wash the dishes, etc, that same water flows through your plumbing and right back to the water association or treatment plant. Meaning, this water is “cleaned” and sent straight back to your faucet, sink, and fridge dispenser.

The water at treatment plants goes through a filtering process. Basically, this process begins with the removal of the solids from the water, but not the dissolved contaminants. 

The remaining contaminants in the water which are leftover are called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS for short). All cities have what they consider “acceptable level” of TDS, but the water still retains large amounts of bacteria in it. 

Therefore, to remedy this, the treatment plants pour chemicals into the water to sanitize it, the main chemicals used being chlorine and bromine. Chlorine and bromine kill most bacteria they encounter, so it’s really not good for you. 

Since chlorine turns gaseous, the treatment plants need to put extra amounts of it into the water. By the time the water returns back to your home, there is still enough chlorine in it to keep the water disinfected. 

This, as you imagine, is incredibly harmful to your health. For example, bromine is so harsh that it has been linked to the cause of various kinds of cancer. But it is these chemicals which cities are using to sanitize your water – the same that you drink, cook with, and bathe in. In addition, this water is what many ranches and farms are giving to their livestock.  

So, exactly which chemicals are found in your water? Here is an article listing what could be contaminating your own water and how much is allowed to be in it.

Still, most water which has been tested has traces of nitrates, pharmaceuticals, arsenic (especially near industrial areas), and heavy metals. If you are on city water, you will be able to go online and see their water quality reports. 

If you use well-water, we suggest taking a sample and getting it tested. If you don’t like what you see, a water purification system at your house will be able to help filter the chemicals out.

McKinney’s water quality report can be found here, along with Detroit’s

A question which arises is: why can’t the city just install these filters at their own facilities? 

The problem is that clean water actually cleans things out. The pipes which have years of buildup in them, which run the water from the city back to your house, would just contaminate the water again. 

This is why you need to have the filter installed at your house. The water takes some time to run through your pipes, but once it’s cleared those pipes out, you will be enjoying fresh, chemical-free water from your faucet. Just like the cows at Designer Beef! 

Here at Designer Beef, we have installed two, $10,000 units from Your Water Matters to keep your animals healthy and able to drink chemical free, filtered water. These units use proprietary media to remove the contaminants from our water. It is also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, and has been tested repeatedly to prove the science behind the filtration system. 

Because cows drink so much water, it was important to us that we enable them to have the freshest water possible. It was as equally important to make sure that the chemicals from our association’s water were not getting absorbed into your meat. 

Our cows have not been sick here at Designer Beef. We believe in animal ethics and giving our animals food and water which will enable them to grow well and healthily.

Our cows have only the freshest water, so don’t worry. You won’t have to look for chlorine in any of the steak you purchase from Designer Beef!


Customer reviews on our water filtration:

“I love that I don’t worry about what might be contaminating my water that my family uses every day. As an added bonus, I don’t worry about when I have to change my fridge filter or if the counter top filtration system has been refilled or not. I just turn on the faucet and the clean chemical free water is there. Thank You, Your Water Matters for allowing us to have clean water all the time!” – Alicia VanderMeulen 

“My favorite beverage is water! When I was made aware what the quality of our water was, it surprised me that we pay to have water with harmful contaminants plumbed into our homes.  We now have a water filtration system that all our water, from gardening, bathing and consuming, goes through. The media in the system is specific to our water contaminates. Just to know we are drinking tasty, clean and safe drinking water is refreshing.” Mona VanderGriend 

“We put a water filtration system in our house just over one year ago. It has been one of the best decisions we made in our building process. I really can taste the difference now and have become so used to the taste that I bring my own water wherever we go. ” Julie Vandergriend
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