Local Ranches VS Butcher Shops: Which is Better?

In a previous blog post, we’ve discussed the benefits of buying steak from local Texas farms, such as Designer Beef. Buying locally guarantees choice of meat, availability of the meat itself, and getting the quality you’re paying for, instead of the food you think you’re buying. 

Do you have the array of options you’d prefer to have when shopping for meat? Would you like even more control and autonomy than you get now? 

Don’t get us wrong, there are some incredible and local butcher shops out there, and still, businesses like these won’t give you the unique experience Designer Beef provides its customers. Read on to learn why butcher shops aren’t the best option for you. 


You don’t know how the animal was treated. 

Buying from a butcher shop, and even a good one, still means that you don’t know how the animals were treated, or if their environment was conducive to a healthy upbringing.

When you buy from any kind of store, shop, or grocery chain, you’re purchasing meat without knowing how the cattle was raised and handled. Things like stress have been found to directly affect the tenderness of the meat – and even the health of the animal itself! 

Animals who are routinely stressed or mishandled won’t give meat that is as high-quality as cows that are bred and properly raised on a farm. Because hormone-levels fluctuate with the rise and fall of cortisol, a cow with lower levels of the stress hormone will taste more fresh than a meat which comes from an animal that is repeatedly anxious.

When buying from Designer Beef, you can rest assured that each cow is treated fairly and given a home where they can flourish, rather than simply survive.


You won’t know what the animal has been fed

As we’ve said before, you are what you eat–and that goes for cows too. Purchasing meat from any kind of shop means you won’t get to know or select the animal’s nutrition program.

Basically, this means you won’t know if the cows have been forcefully fed – to fatten them up more quickly – or raised with care and fed the nutrients they need. After all, what you feed your animal is also what feeds you. 

At Designed Beef, we use the highest quality of feed and supplements to nourish our animals. Designer Beef also has a nutritionist who sees to the cows’ health. The nutritionist also ensure the cows have the vitamins to help keep your cow the healthiest it can be. 

The cows’ feed is packed with healthy Omega-3s. Adding Omega-3 to their diet, the animals sustain better immune and digestive systems than animals without such care. This helps improve the quality of the meat, and it is also something you’re not able to verify or control when trying to buy food from another store.


Butcher shops focus on only 1-2 types of meat

A lot of butcher shops specialize in only the primal cut of a cow, as well as the quarters. When purchasing specialty cuts, it’s important to note that not all of the meat you select there will come from the same cow, as only certain parts of the animals are more desirable to the shops.

Designer Beef provides more options than this, such as dry-aged steak and hamburgers. Not only do you get to choose which animal you’d like to buy from – in addition to its feed regimen – but you also just get more diversity on the meat provided to you. 


Designer Beef delivers right to you

Perhaps one of the best parts about Designer Beef is its high accessibility. If making it to the butcher shop isn’t feasible, wouldn’t it be great to have the meat you pick be delivered right to your door? 

Not to mention that the meat will taste and cook better than meats offered by other vendors, but once again, at Designed Beef, you know exactly what you’re paying for. You also know what you’re intentionally ingesting, because you know what the cow eats and how it was treated. 


So, what’s the verdict? 

With Designer Beef, you as our prized customer have complete control over how your animal was cared for, from their upbringing to the way its meat was then curated. You get the luxury of enjoying dry-aged beef whenever you want, and if you want! 

A plethora of options and availability awaits you at Designer Beef, so consider what matters most to you when looking to enjoy a fresh, high-quality steak.

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