How to prepare and grill your dry-aged steak

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How To Prepare & Grill Your Dry-Aged Steak


For those who are unfamiliar with beef that has been dry-aged, it all really boils down to how the beef is stored. Dry-aged beef is stored in environments that are temperature-controlled, allowing the water in the meat to break down. 

This ensures maximum flavor, regardless of how you prepare it. The flavor of dry-aged beef is going to be superior every single time! 

Luckily, this process can be expedited for you by Designer Beef, a one-of-a-kind ranch located in Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you’re looking to buy steaks online for steak delivery, look no further than Designer Beef. 

Designer Beef specializes in providing cattle with a low-stress environment to produce top-quality beef. The process of designing your own cow is easy and gives you the control to pick your own breed, their feed, and all cows are provided with a VIP pasture-raised lifestyle. Designer Beef also offers dry-aging as a service, as most grocery stores do not carry dry-aged meat.

Because dry-aged steak may differ from what you’d normally purchase, grilling it will also be different. We’ll go step by step to simplify the process of preparing dry-aged beef.


Let’s Prep 

Before getting started on the grill, you’re going to want to allow the beef to warm at room temperature for at least thirty minutes. By doing this, the meat stays tender all the way through, rather than being immediately exposed to high levels of heat.

Season the meat with the salt and oil of your choosing. Coarse salt is going to better enhance the steak’s flavor, as it’s more easily absorbed. It also seasons more evenly across the surface of the beef. Stay away from fine or iodized salt if you can. 

Lastly, grab your utensils, meat thermometer, and fire up the grill!


Let’s Grill 

Determine how you prefer your steak. For example, if you prefer your steak to be rare, the meat should only reach about 48°C. 

If you’re looking to make your steak well done, temperatures should range approximately from 64 to 74°C. Refer to a chart when determining how you want to prepare your dry-aged beef.

Perhaps the most efficient way of grilling steak is by creating two areas on the grill which differ in temperature. Disperse the coals so that one area remains as hot as needed for the steaks themselves, while the other remains weakly heated. 

This will provide a place for the steaks to be set aside directly after being cooked. Allowing the beef to recover from the high heat will more evenly disperse the heat throughout the beef.

Because you’ve selected how you want the steak to be cooked, it’s now time to grill the steak on both sides. 

If the steak is thicker across, grill for up to four minutes. A leaner, thinner steak only needs to be seared for up to sixty seconds on each side.

Keep an eye on the steak while it browns, and use the meat thermometer to decide when you’re done grilling. Set the meat on the cooler part of the grill so it stays warm.


Let Rest

Maintain proper grill hygiene by shutting the grill off and cleaning the utensils which were used. Let the steak sit for at least five minutes. 

Additional spices and steak rubs should be used now. Simple ingredients such as rosemary, pepper, or various types of cheese will transform your dry-aged steak into a culinary experience destined to impress everyone at the dinner table!

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