3 Benefits of Buying Meat From Local Texas Ranchers

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If you’re one of the millions who get their meat from the grocery store, we want you to know that there are better ways to buy your meat. By buying meat locally, especially from an organically-minded ranch, you’re supporting your local rancher and getting healthier meat for the entire family. Going to the grocery store to buy meat may be convenient, but the benefits of buying locally-raised meat are worth the extra effort. This article will go over the benefits of buying beef online from local Texas farms versus buying your beef at a grocery store. 


Local ranch meat is more nutritious.

Cows are what they eat. Unfortunately, commercialized feedlots will try to increase their profits by feeding their cows less expensive, cheap food. The type of feed cattle eat affects the quality of meat you get. If the cows don’t get the necessary nutrients, neither do you. So what you might be eating is lacking nutritious calories. Cows provided with premium feed and a pasture-raised lifestyle produce better-tasting meat.

Your family deserves better. Designer Beef’s grass-fed cows yield steaks with superior nutritional value that are lower in cholesterol and high in good Omega-3 fatty acids. This is one of the biggest benefits of buying meat from your local cattle ranch. 

To ensure a proper diet, Designer Beef cows will be grown with a custom meal plan that a nutritionist puts together. Cows will get the highest quality feed that is full of the nutrients they need. 


The cows are raised and processed in a more kind, humane way.

The environment your cow lives in significantly affects a cow’s quality of life. Designer Beef’s family-owned ranchers devote their time to caring for their animals in an ethical way. All Designer Beef cows are given VIP pasture-raised treatment – the ultimate comfortable lifestyle. A relaxed and happy cow that gets to roam in an open pasture produces premium and healthier beef for your family. Designer Beef cows get large fields to roam, comfortable living quarters, and plenty of space to feed. 

Cows on the Designer Beef ranch are also surrounded by a team of care experts to ensure the cow’s health and wellbeing. One of these caregivers includes expert handlers who help reduce a cow’s stress throughout its life. Cows also have an animal nutritionist to ensure they maintain a well-balanced diet. And if needed, veterinarians are available if cows get sick or injured. 

Knowing how to minimize pre-harvest stress is also crucial to producing premium beef. Stress before harvesting causes cattle to lose muscle glycogen, resulting in meat that is higher in pH, darker in color, and more dry. Stress also causes an adrenaline rush, causing muscles to tense up which results in tough meat. 

Pre-harvesting involves fasting, transportation, loading, and unloading of the cows, typically occurring 12 to 48 hours before harvest. Designer Beef cows never have to go through any of the pre-harvest stress because they are never moved off the ranch. All the processing and dry aging happens at the same site, minimizing the amount of stress put on the cows. 


Organically-minded processes are better for the environment. 

When you buy steak from local ranches, it’s more likely that you’re buying meat from high-quality cows that are sustainably raised and responsibly harvested. Designer Beef cows will be purchased locally and delivered to the facility, where they will stay until harvested. Usually, cattle from a feedlot will travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles and change locations 3 to 4 times throughout their life. Since Designer Beef cows are grown and harvested in the same area, the amount of miles traveled is significantly reduced and thus reduces stress on both the cow and the environment. 


It’s time to make the switch. 

From the added benefits of nutrients in your meat and knowing where your cow came from, there are multiple great reasons why you should make the switch to buying steaks from Designer Beef. 

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