5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Designer Beef Steaks Online

Order your steaks online from a local DFW ranch.


Nothing beats a juicy steak that has been sizzled to perfection on the grill. Unfortunately, if you buy your meat at a typical grocery store, this lovely moment might be ruined when you bite into a tough, flavorless piece of meat instead of the butter-soft texture and premium flavor Designer Beef has to offer. The harsh reality is that although supermarket meats are convenient when you’re shopping, these big box stores do not comply with the same quality requirements as most online butcher shops. As a result, a growing number of people are opting to buy beef online. Here are five benefits of purchasing meat online that you should consider. 


You know where your meat is coming from. 

Ranches like Designer Beef aren’t like commercial meat processing plants. Animals on our ranch are more likely to be cared for in an ethical, humane way. These sustainably raised local meats provide a more premium taste because of the quality of feed and superior living conditions. 

When you order steaks online, search for farms near you that offer the option of meat and steak delivery. Buying locally helps the environment too! You’re lowering the number of pollutants from the air when you buy locally. The fewer miles your cow has to travel from being raised to being processed to being sold.


You get meat packed with nutrients

Cows are what they eat. So, when you feed a cow “cheap feed” that’s high in fillers and low in nutrients, what gets produced is meat that’s low in nutrients. It’s been reported in KQED’s Frontline article that in huge feedlots and industrial meatpacking plants, “waste is tossed out the window, sewage runs down the street, and feed and drinking water are routinely contaminated by fecal water.” 

Designer Beef’s ranch is better at creating a diet that’s best for each individual cow. With quality grain and grass feed, cows get essential nutrients, like omega 3s and CLAs. As a result, you get meat that’s lower in cholesterol and packed with beneficial nutrients for you and your family. This is something that most beef you consume can’t always provideone of the great benefits of buying beef from Designer Beef. 


You spend less on premium meat.

Buying beef in bulk, specifically for a half or whole cow, will get you the best deal. If you think you can’t finish an entire cow, consider your options to split it with another family or a few friends. You can even freeze your beef for up to a year. When you buy a half or whole cow, Designer Beef will even provide you with a  freezer to store your beef, making your trips to the grocery store less frequent. And hey, who doesn’t want a new freezer?  

Although buying in bulk has a higher upfront expense, the price per pound for premium steak ends up being less than if you buy a few steaks every now and then at the grocery store. 


You can have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

Last but not least, when you buy meat online, you have the added convenience of steak showing up at your doorstep. Why travel to the supermarket, cruising through aisle after aisle, only to be met with restricted options that fall short of your expectations and standards? Not to mention the long lines at the checkout, the battle for parking, and other hassles in comparison to shopping from the comfort of your own home. Nothing compares to Designer Beef.

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