Type Of Feeds


Grain Based $$


  • Highest level of marbling
  • Best taste and more flavor
  • Higher level of tenderness
  • Produces moist and juicy steaks


  • Not as healthy as grass fed beef
  • More expensive on feed

GRASS AND GRAIN MIX $ (Recommended)


  • Grain marbling with the best balance of fat on the meat 
  • Juicy and tender
  • Most economical feed 
  • Well-balanced diet for your animal’s health 


Grass Fed $$$


  • Leaner meat with lower fat content
  • Fat on meat is healthier and contains less monounsaturated fat 
  • Contains as much as 5x omega three fatty acids 
  • Distinct grass-fed (wild or gamey) flavor 
  • Higher in vitamin A and E and antioxidants 


  • More feed intake needed for less meet 
  • Less marbling 
  • Dry and sometimes tough meat 
  • Flavor is not as rich 
  • Cannot be dry aged

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