The Different Cow Breeds 

The breed of cattle you choose impacts the taste and quantity of meat you get. Find out more about the breeds you can choose from below.


$ Charolais - Highest Quantity of Beef


The Charolais has a large frame with a deep and broad body. It is heavily muscled around the loins and haunches and has tremendous muscling and feed efficiency. The Charolais is larger and heavier than Angus and Limousin, and is excellent in hotter climates but not as resistant to cold weather.

Meat Qualities

  • Meat is known for flavor and tenderness
  • Produces more red meat yield than Angus with less marbling
  • Excellent filets and hamburger
  • Not extremely lean or overly marbled
  • Slightly less quality but gives you more meat

$$ Angus - Marbled and Fatty


You’ve probably heard of the Angus because it’s the most popular breed in the U.S.A. and used by most high-end restaurants. Anguses are primarily black in color but can have white under the belly and udders. They are recorded to have improved temperament (low stress equals higher quality meat) and has a superior feed conversion, meaning that it is efficient at turning feed into bodyweight and growth. The Angus is extremely hardy and resistant to harsh weather. It matures early and has lower yields.

Meat Qualities

  • Known for its high quality
  • Excellent for filets and ribeye
  • Superior marbling characteristics and more evenly distributed fat, resulting in more flavorful and tender meat
  • Higher percentage of choice and prime cuts of meat
  • Although high in quality, it's smaller in size

$$$ Limousin - Lean and Tender


The Limousin is very rare and exclusive because it is fairly hard to come by and is known for its quality. They have a bright wheat-colored coat, lighter on the belly, and are a large breed that is overall very muscular and defined. Limousin cattle are reported to be the most efficient at converting feed into lean meat. They are highly adaptable to different environments. Its forequarter is well muscled with a hindquarter that’s deep, thick, and rounded. Limousin cattle are very environmentally friendly due to a lesser resource footprint. Their extraordinary traits have attracted the full attention of the entire beef industry. All these traits result in an efficient, healthy, and adaptable breed that is perfect for its intended purpose - producing quality meat.

Meat Qualities

  • Meat is leaner and more tender
  • Extremely high-quality meat
  • Produces the largest ribeye
  • More usable meat with less fat due to their muscular build
  • Lower fat and marbling content
  • Lower yield than Charolais but has a higher quality

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