Types Of Beef

Charolais $

    • Meat is known for flavor and tenderness
    • Produces more red meat yield than Angus with less marbling
    • Excellent fillets and hamburger
    • Not extremely lean or extremely marbled
    • Slightly less quality but gives you more meat

Limousin $$$

    • Meat is leaner and more tender
    • Extremely high-quality meat
    • Produces the largest ribeye
    • More usable meat with less fat due to their muscular build
    • Lower fat and marbling content
    • Lower yield than Charolais but has a higher quality

Angus $$

    • Known for its high quality
    • Excellent for filet and ribeye
    • Superior marbling characteristics and more evenly distributed fat, resulting in more flavorful and tender meat
    • Higher percentage of choice and prime cuts of meat
    • Although high in quality, it's smaller in size

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