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We, as a company, believe our profits are not intended just for us, but also for people in need. Therefore, we give a portion of all that we make to people suffering in the remote villages of Northern Kenya. Details of our giving efforts & impact to date are outlined below. 

We've identified a new pressing need! On the remote volcanic island of Kokwe, in the middle of Lake Baringo, sits the Meripari School. This elementary school serves 80 children who face the challenge of having their yearly fees met. For just $5,000 per year, we can make a life-or-death difference! 


Kokwe Island has the Meripari School situated on its back side. Many villagers have never been off the island, as renting one of the boats to go to the mainland it too expensive, and the lake is also full of hippos and Nile crocodiles.


Feeling isolated and overlooked, the people on this side of the island have a name for themselves: "The Forgotten People." But with our support, they've found renewed hope - We've witnessed true transformation! Even a little can go a long way. Together, we can change a part of the world that no one else is helping.


Presently, we have $2710 raised to help these kids. As our incredible Designer Beef community gives, we'll keep you posted on the updated amount.


*Note: The organization, Good Works NOW, facilitates all our projects in these very remote areas of need. 100% of the funds go through this giving channel will be dedicated to supporting this village. 

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Kokwe Island Updates

November 2023

  • Began fundraising for yearly fees for 80 students at an Meripari School.


  • Two additional classrooms have been built which allowed them to add new grades - The number of grades has advanced up through 6th grade.
  • They have added 3 more teachers.
  • A teacher's toilet was constructed which - It did not exist previously.
  • The school's water is now filtered - We provided filter kits that filtered the lake water. Another organization put in a large gravity fed water filtration unit that allows all the students to have clean water daily. We provided the pump that pumps the water from the lake up to the storage tank.
  • Soccer fields have been put in and the community is hosting sporting events,  and parents are seeing huge changes in their kids because they have activities outside to do like net ball and soccer. They are able to focus better at school because of the ability to play outside!
  • All children are given new shoes - They live on volcanic rock. Their shoes have to be supplied often because of the terrain.


  • Built a new school for the children on Kokwe Island. 40 students had no uniforms, no shoes, and no food.
  • All children are given brand new uniforms every year - Their uniforms are basically their clothes. Their parents have nothing. This clothes them year to year.
  • The school has now been officially recognized and certified by the Kenyan government - Not all schools are. They received their certificate which allows them to receive additional support from the government.

Chemoinoi Village Updates 


  • Built a maternity ward for the a village. This simple building will provide a safe place for women to give birth. Without it, the women of this area had to walk over 30 km (over a very steep mountain with all the wildlife that comes with it) to get to the nearest medical facility.
  • Nurses expressed that since the distribution of the mosquito nets, there have been zero deaths from malaria.


  • Provided food & shoes for children who would otherwise, have none
  • Provided clean water that staves off disease
  • Provided sustainable food sources such as green houses and small agri-businesses
  • Provided medicines & mostquito nets that address intestinal disease and malaria

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