Cow Lifestyle

Environment I $

  • Higher Stress
  • Cattle housed on a family-run ranch in NE Texas
  • Cattle fed consistent with their health and wellness 
  • Fresh feed ingredients
  • Cattle will be vaccinated, tagged, and kept in smaller groups to mimic herd animals’ natural instinct

Environment II $$

All the advantages of the “Higher Stress” option plus the following:

  • Less Stress $$
  • Farm has shade, ponds, and plenty of room to roam 
  • Ability to treat cows on site with doctor

Environment III $$$

All the advantages of “higher Stress and Less Stress” options plus the following: 

  • No Stress
  • Cattle handled in a quiet professional stress free manner
  • Cattle kept in large fenced areas with the ability go into barns to get out of the weather
  • Cattle have sand bedding under the main barn to lay down in for comfort 
  • We use a nutritionist to formulate feed rations to ensure cattle health and top quality meat 
  • Access to chemical free water

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